Monte Tessa was born from an ancestral tradition and from the cult of love for mother earth: Apulia, an authentic crossroad of Mediterranean cultures. In every single drop owing in our barrels, the Gods’nectar appears in its entire sincerity.

Since decades the strong arms of our farmers and the foresight of our enologists turn the wisdom into scents and tastes: a unique wine that smells of earth and of tired warm hands that transform every glass into a sip of Apulia.

Monte Tessa is a unique company that blends respect for tradition and innovation, a mix that is visible in the methods of production and in the mission of the people giving everyday their best to the motherland.

It is a company permeated with sweat and e ort, passion and hard work, immersed in its red land. The eldwork gives a lot of satisfaction that is directly proportional to the strain of those who work e ortlessly since generations in order to bring a delicious and excellent wine to your tables.

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